I've spent years (almost decadeS, but that makes me feel old) on the operations side of non-profit and behavioral health agencies. With my 2001 introduction to Delmarva and the FL Statewide Quality Assurance Program for APD, the minutia of audit and accreditation just made sense.

The next 15 years included Medicaid, CARF, COA, DCF, Joint Commission, DJJ, contracting agencies, insurance companies, grants and more Medicaid. Program leadership taught me staff management, budgeting, proactive decision making, crisis response and damage control. The development and credentialing of two targeted case management programs drilled the importance of details, diligence, and patience. Somehow, along the way, assuring quality and harassin... er, coordinating with FL Medicaid and insurance companies became a strength and a sought after skill. For me, maneuvering Medicaid, completing contracting and credentialing was second nature and soon, Credentialing Consultants was born.

As CEO of CCFL, I AM you. The first few years of CCFL I have also maintained the helm of a large behavioral health agency. Audits garnered excellent scores and ZERO paybacks. I offer you the empathy and understanding of someone who KNOWS the challenges of succeeding in behavioral health field. I stay connected to all plans, to Medicaid and Medicare changes, and to behavioral health colleagues.

To this day Credentialing Consultants of FL aims to support new businesses, small practices, and individuals going out on their own. Our expertise is through our EXPERIENCE. Concierge Specialists and Practice Managers with CCFL come to us from the behavioral health field - meaning they've dealt with the unique aspects of client relations, behavioral health carve outs, eligibility and authorizations, policies & procedures, maximizing billing, hiring and supervising. Our credentialing specialists have various backgrounds with insurance networks nationwide. We consult, train, review, refer, guide you and DO what you don't want to. And if we can't help you, we will find someone who can.



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